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Selecting the correct stove for your needs is an important decision. You should consider the below point in order to help you with this.

  • Where is my stove going to be located (is it free standing or within a fireplace)?
  • Do I want a wood burning or multi-fuel stove?
  • How much space do I want/need to stove to heat?
  • How often will I actually use the stove?


The location of your stove is important and you should consider some factors which influence this decision.

  • Do I have a suitable fireplace and chimney?
  • If it’s a free standing stove, will the stove be located near combustable materials?

Wood Burning or Multi-fuel:

Wood burning stoves are more environmental friendly  as the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is the same as that absorbed by the tree during growth. For optimum results from a wood burning stove, logs should be seasoned for 2 years or more with a moisture content below 20%. This will not only give twice the output of freshly felled timber but help avoid a build up of tar in your flue and can extend the life of your stove.  A wood burning stove is also designed to  burn wood more efficiently than a multi-fuel stove.

Multi Fuel Stoves come with a riddling grate and an ash pan that allows you to riddle the excess ash through the bottom of the stove and into the ash pan below the grate, making the stove extremely easy to clean.

Stove Size:

In order to calculate the size wood burning  stove for a room, measure the width, length and height of your room and then multiply the three measurements together, For example width 5m x length 6m x height 2.4m = 72 cubic metres of room volume. If your room or house is newly built, very well insulated then divide the room volume by 25. If the room has moderate insulation then divide the volume by 15. If the insulation is poor or non existent, then divide the rooms volume by 10.

In the above example, a room is with moderate insulation (dividing the room volume by 15) would require a 4.8kW Stove.

It’s also worth considering what, if any, radiators are also in the room and how often these will be used.

Smoke Control Area’s:

Do you live in a ‘smoke control area’?  It is your responsibility to check with the relevant authority to ensure which type of fuel you can burn and if you require a Smoke Exempt (DEFRA) appliance.

Large Log storeThe Large Log store comes with an adjustable cover to help ensure you can keep your wood dry all year round.
Dry well seasoned wood is one of the biggest factors affecting the running of your stove and with the strong steel construction of this log store you can make storing and seasoning your wood easy.

wood burning stove. log burning stove. Multi Fuel Stove

As HETAS approved retailers we can offer our customers installation packages, by HETAS approved installers, to suit your individual requirements. You can utilise our installation teams to undertake a complete redesign of your fireplace if required or we can just simply install your appliance.

We always recommend that you visit our showroom to start the ball rolling as choosing your stove is the starting point to any installation. Once you have chosen your stove we will make a free no obligation site survey of your property and access works required to install your stove.




“We just wanted to thank you for your excellent service in providing us with a lovely Morsø stove and a firm with experienced workmen who did a good job. It is much nicer now having a stove in a fireplace recess rather than what we had before.” – Mrs Smith, Denny.



Recent Wood Burning & Multi Fuel Stove Installations

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Wood Burning Stove Installation Falkirk Stove Company

Wood Burning Stove Installation

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Multi Fuel Stove Installation

Multi Fuel Stove Retailer & Installers

Multi Fuel Stove Retailer & Installers


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Termatech TT40 Wood Burning Stove

Termatech TT40 Wood Burning Stove

Multi Fuel Stoves Installation

Multi Fuel Stoves Installation

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Aarrow i400f Multi Fuel Stove Installation

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Burley Hollywell Wood Burning Stove Installation

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Why Wood?

There are several reasons to use Wood as your fuel source.  It’s currently the cheapest fuel on the market and is carbon neutral. Essentially, when you burn wood, it releases the same amount of carbon as the tree absorbed whilst it was growing. Additionally, wood can be reproduced by replanting and replacing trees which were already harvested.  This allows the Co2 cycle to maintained.

Wood must be burnt as efficiently as possible in order to reduce the carbon levels down to zero. The majority of the leading stove manufacturers have therefore focussed on manufacturing extremely efficient stove systems.

A perfect log should be seasoned in order to reduce the moisture content to around 20%. This process is completed by allowing natural air to dry the logs for up to two years in a properly constructed log store.

If you burn wood with high moisture content, you generally end up with blackened tar smoked stove windows, which isn’t desirable when trying to achieve a clean burn.

Kiln dried wood is available to purchase and generally has a moisture content of around 20 per cent. That is the level recommended by stove manufacturers.  Kiln dried wood can also minimise problems with stoves and flues.

Local Fuel Suppliers

Below are some of the locally found wood suppliers in our area:


Logline Limitied – – 07899 848128 


 Argaty Hardwood Logs – – 01786 841 373

Make an Enquiry

The Falkirk Stove Company, one of Scotland’s Leading Wood Burning & Multi-Fuel Stove Retailers. Supplying Wood Burning and Multi Fuel Stoves to Falkirk, Stirling, Linlithgow, Edinburgh, Fife, Glasgow and across the whole of Scotland.

Based in Falkirk, servicing the whole of Scotland, the Falkirk Stove Company is your reliable and dependable local stove company and renewable energy showroom. Visit our showroom at 135 Main Street, Shieldhill in Falkirk to see our great range of high-quality multi-fuel & wood stoves, along with additional renewable energy products.

Our friendly staff are here to offer comprehensive advice and take time to discuss your individual requirements. We aim to show you new products and designs in order to help you select the right stove for your home.

Visit us today and you’ll receive a warm welcome.



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