Ecco Stove E580


Ecco Stove E580

Ecco Stove E580

The Ecco Stove E580 differs from the traditional multipass flue ways because it creates the emissions diversion and high heat extraction from the spent flue gas via a system of baffling and absorption in the silicon carbide. This 6.6kw stove, which is available in a number of colour choices including cream, red and black, releases heat slowly and evenly to warm up more of your house than just the room where the stove is situated.

The E580 woodburning stove is made from silicon carbide – a material which allows the fire to operate at a very high temperature to provide greater efficiency than standard stoves. Silicon carbide filters the energy produced to emit low frequency heat waves which in turn provides an effective solution for heating the whole house.

The E580 stove is very easy to use with 3 kg of wood burned typically maintaining heat produced (approx 25%) when preheated to temperature for 6 hours – depending of course on the chimney draught.

The Ecco Stove range features stoves to suit the size of your room and your interior design tastes. All you have to do is leave the doors within your home open and you can enjoy the warmth of the fire throughout the house.


  1. Air is drawn in through the back of the stove for a small amount of primary combustion.
  2. By opening the ash pit drawer, primary temporary combustion is taken in.
  3. Air is preheated in a chamber at the head of the stove to add super heated oxygen to burn down the face of the glass. This air flow is for secondary combustion.
  4. Tertiary air is pre-heated and added at the back of the stove to burn unburned gases before they exit through the baffle system and thereafter release heat into the silicon carbide stove’s body.


Our eco friendly fires are really easy to use.  All air flows are pre set and non adjustable apart from primary air to be controlled via the ash pan to bring the Ecco Stove up to its design temperature of 160°C to 180°C and then closed. No other adjustments are needed.


3 kg of wood burned will typically maintain heat produced (approx 25%) when preheated to temperature for 6 hours from initial loading (subject to chimney draught).

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