Ecco Stove E850


Ecco Stove E850

Ecco Stove E850

The E850 is rated as a 11 kw wood-burning stove. This energy efficient wood burning stove will typically heat a four bedroom property providing heat to all parts of the home by “slow-heat release” radiation, around the property, provided doors are left open. There is no need for pipework and ducting from the stove.

This modern stove is made from silicon carbide which allows for a very high temperature to be produced in the combustion chamber, delivering a high heat efficiency with a low carbon output. The technology we have tapped into and adapted with silicon carbide produces some of the best efficiencies and carbon free emissions to date. Due to the perfect combustion, this stove with DEFRA approval can be used within inner city and smoke control areas.

As well as providing an aesthetically pleasing focal point to any room, the E850 delivers high heat efficiency and a whole house heating solution. This stove is available in a range of colours including blue, black and grey.

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