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Ecco Stove E678

Ecco Stove E678

The E678 has only been available since late 2010. It is rated as a 9.4 kw wood-burning stove. This energy efficient stove will typically heat a three bedroom property on average, providing heat to all parts of the home without the need for pipe work or ducting from the appliance.

Unlike other wood burning stoves the Ecco Stove will provide you with adequate warmth wherever you are in the house. Amazingly, it is able to heat surrounding rooms to the same temperature as the room in which the stove stands. The key to an Ecco Stove’s heat distribution is “leaving doors open” around the home!
This stove is clean burning and ultra- efficient. Its unique technology ensures that the special properties of Silicon Carbide are used to promote heat absorption and slow heat release. The slow release is really beneficial as it means that about 25% of the heat is distributed for 12 hours after getting up to temperature.

The Ecco Stove will reduce your need for fuel to heat your home and it will reduce your reliance on fuel suppliers. The E678 model will provide a warming and interesting feature to whichever room you choose to install it.

Model E678 has been in production since Nov 2013 as a trimless version.

The Ecco Stove is unchanged apart from the trims which have been removed and rounded joint edges to give the appliance a much softer and homelier look. Please call us to discuss the two options and the benefits of heating your home with an Ecco Stove.

Model 678EC has ben developed to meet the stringent demands of the proposed eco efficiency standards now tabled for 2022. The EC models are very much in front of the proposed legislation in anticipation of their published date.

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