Why Wood?

There are several reasons to use Wood as your fuel source.  It’s currently the cheapest fuel on the market and is carbon neutral. Essentially, when you burn wood, it releases the same amount of carbon as the tree absorbed whilst it was growing. Additionally, wood can be reproduced by replanting and replacing trees which were already harvested.  This allows the Co2 cycle to maintained.

Wood must be burnt as efficiently as possible in order to reduce the carbon levels down to zero. The majority of the leading stove manufacturers have therefore focussed on manufacturing extremely efficient stove systems.

A perfect log should be seasoned in order to reduce the moisture content to around 20%. This process is completed by allowing natural air to dry the logs for up to two years in a properly constructed log store.

If you burn wood with high moisture content, you generally end up with blackened tar smoked stove windows, which isn’t desirable when trying to achieve a clean burn.

Kiln dried wood is available to purchase and generally has a moisture content of around 20 per cent. That is the level recommended by stove manufacturers.  Kiln dried wood can also minimise problems with stoves and flues.

Local Fuel Suppliers

Below are some of the locally found wood suppliers in our area:


Logline Limitied – www.loglinelimited.co.uk – 07899 848128 


 Argaty Hardwood Logs – http://centralscotlandfirewood.com/ – 01786 841 373

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