Hamlet Camborne Deluxe

Hamlet Camborne RangeThe Camborne Deluxe is a beautiful, traditional double-door stove that has been updated to incorporate modern, clean lines and innovative features.The Camborne Deluxe Compact takes the same traditional stove features and styling combined with modern, clean lines and innovative features and fits them into a stove to suit a smaller fireplace or room.

Sizes Available:

Camborne Deluxe Compact – 5kW

Camborne Deluxe Small – 5kW

Camborne Deluxe Medium – 8kW

Camborne Deluxe Large – 11kW





Burns wood and solid fuel

Pre-stressed, curved body for superior strength

Pre-heated airwash system for sparkling clean glass

Secondary burn for higher efficiency

Externally controlled multi fuel riddling grate

Internal ash lip

Top or rear flue fitting

Grangemouth tri club

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