Scottish Power to raise prices by 8.6% from 6th December 2013

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Scottish Power has announced a price rise of 8.6% for dual-fuel energy bills from 6 December.

The company said it would increase gas prices by 8.5% and electricity prices by 9%.

The move comes amid political wrangling over the issue of energy bills, with the government planning to review the green levies that form part of a bill.

On Monday, Scottish Power was hit by an £8.5m penalty for misleading doorstep and telephone sales.

The price rise would lead to a £113 increase in the average annual dual-fuel bill to £1,424, Scottish Power said. It will affect about 2.2 million Scottish Power customers.

However, different areas of the country will face different price increases. For example, the rise will be 10.2% on average in southern England, but 7.3% in some areas of Scotland.

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