SMART SENSE – Domestic Carbon Monoxide Alarm – RRP £28

SmartSense_boxA simple and effective device which may be wall or ceiling mounted and which will provide an effective warning of the presence of Carbon Monoxide.


85 decibel alarm – loud enough to awake you from sleep.

LCD – accurately displays concentration of CO in the range 30 – 999 ppm.

Battery operated – included.

End of battery life audible warning.

Records alarm activation peak CO level.

Sealed and full tamper proof . e 5 year warranty.

Test I reset button – allows testing and silencing of alarm.

Includes 3 LED indicators – Green= normal,Red= Alarm, Yellow= Fault.

Easy to install.

Complies with and certified to the requirements of EN 50291 :2001.( European Standard for Domestic CO alarms).

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