Westfire Winter Warm Up Offer

Westfire Uniq 21 Ped

Westfire Uniq 21 Pedestal

The Westfire Warm Up Offer is now on.  From 1st September until 30th September, we are pleased to offer up to £150.00 off selected Westfire Stove models.  Why not pop into our showroom and check out our live display Westfire Uniq 21 Pedestal model and check out what else Westfire has to offer.


About Westfire

Westfire designs stoves with great care and attention to detail. A wood burning stove must complement the home in which it is installed since it will outlast both the furniture and the decor. Westfire has therefore developed a future-proof design characterised by simplicity, timelessness and contemporary technology.

Using a stove to heat your home is a natural process which does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. Westfire’s wood burning stoves make effective use of thermal energy and are very environmentally friendly.

A stove brings the family closer – all members, young and old, can work together to split logs, bring in firewood and feed the fire. And the whole family can enjoy the great indoor climate and the natural heat produced by a wood burning stove.

Westfire Uniq 23 Wood Burning Stove

Westfire Uniq 23 Wood Burning Stove

Westfire Uniq 35 Wood Burning Stove

Westfire Uniq 35 Wood Burning Stove

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