Wood Burning Stoves can add value to your home!

Put a wood-burning stove into your fireplace and it could add value to your property as well as saving money on heating bills

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Many of us can recall those brutal days when, in the name of modernity, some homeowners began chucking out their old fireplaces and removing awkward chimney breasts to create contemporary spaces with clean lines and flat walls.

Even today, most new-build flats have no hint of a fireplace. After all, who’d want a smoky relic of a bygone age when you can have underfloor heating or slimline radiators?


But times are changing. Soaring heating bills, environmentally-sound and clean fuels, and the return of people wanting more character in their homes have all contributed to a revival of the traditional fireplace and surround.
In fact, a feature fireplace can add up to 5 per cent to a home’s value. And at this time of year, the warm glow and crackle of logs burning in the hearth seem very appealing indeed.

Source (http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-2871730/Put-wood-burning-stove-fireplace-add-value-property-saving-money-heating-bills.html)

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